On January 1, 1989, the Berkeley County Council created the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority (BCSWA). Since that time, BCSWA has methodically worked to implement a series of education, enforcement and solid waste collection programs. Components of those programs were implemented with the primary objective of following the integrated solid waste management hierarchy mandated by the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Act. This Act requires that source reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery take priority in the management of solid waste. According to the Act, landfilling is the solid waste management handling technique of least preference.


The BCSWA is comprised of a five member all volunteer Board of Directors. The Board generally meets at least once a month at the BCSWA Office. The county's solid waste programs has three full time and three part time staff and are aligned with a host of cooperatives with private and public entities to provide to you the most comprehensive solid waste programs in the four state region.